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Whatis corrosion?

Corrosion is the deterioration of a material due to chemical reactions between the metal and the surrounding environment.
This is generally referred to a metal because:
    • Metals are normally highly conductive
    • Metals are usually vulnerable to electrochemical reactions
Other materials also corrode… but we focus on metals more than other materials.

Whydoes it affect you?

There is a massive health and safety risk, financial implications and environmental impact if we do not take care of our respective assets.

The economic loss of corrosion worldwide is estimated to be greater than US$2.5-trillion, while in South Africa, the direct cost of corrosion is estimated to be around R130-billion (+-4% of our GDP)

Howdo you deal with it?

Here are a few prevention techniques,
but not limited to:

Use protective coatings, metal plating, corrosion inhibitors, cathodic protection, anodic protection. Contact us for more information on preventative techniques.

What the Corrosion Institute offers

The Corrosion Institute offers a variety of courses, events, and discussion forums including matching job seekers with employers. The job portal allows employers to post vacancies and jobseekers to apply.


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Watch: The Corrosion Institute of South Africa held an educational awareness day
The Corrosion Institute of South Africa celebrated 60 years of corrosion control by hosting an awareness day on April 24 in Midrand. This was also part of World Corrosion Awareness Day which falls on the same day. The aim of the event was to educate people about methods that can be used to prevent rust. The impact of corrosion on the economy was also discussed.
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