Watch: The Corrosion Institute of South Africa held an educational awareness dayThe Corrosion Institute of South Africa celebrated 60 years of corrosion control by hosting an awareness day on April 24 in Midrand. This was also part of World Corrosion Awareness Day which falls on the same day. The aim of the event was to educate people about methods that can be used to prevent rust. The impact of corrosion on the economy was also discussed.
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SAFM The Talking Point April 2022World Corrosion Awareness Day: Fight against corrosion Yesterday marked World Corrosion Awareness Day and we though to use the opportunity to educate ourselves around it. Infrastructure in particular is affected the most at a very high cost to the economy. The Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa is today (Monday) holding an event where they are highlighting the impact corrosion has on the country and how we can better deal with it for future and to educate us more on this
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