The Corrosion Institute of South Africa (CorrISA) exists to serve a broad spectrum of stakeholders with an interest in controlling the impact of corrosion on asset lifecycles, productivity and human life. These anti-corrosion experts ensure that legacies are preserved, economic imperatives are achieved and that human lives are enriched and safeguarded in the process.

Activities of the Institute aim to extend the recognition of corrosion as a problem requiring specialised attention and to promote standardisation in corrosion control technology. We are actively involved in promoting study and scientific research into corrosion and materials protection technology and encourage reporting, discussion and publication of corrosion experience and knowledge. Our inclusive membership structure encourages participation of a broad range of stakeholders in our activities, operating on all levels and in all sectors of the industry. Our internationally acclaimed and accredited NACE training courses provide a solid foundation for our efforts to ensure that corrosion control training of the highest standard is offered in our region. One of the great privileges which the Corrosion Institute has, is to recognise merit and to reward and promote persons making significant contributions to the control of corrosion and to the services or products which enhance our objectives.

The new Constitution of The Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa (dated June 2012) was adopted by the members at a Special General Meeting held on Thursday 13th of September 2012 at 18h00 at Science Park, 1 Northway, Kelvin, Johannesburg. Download the documentation below.



Our History

The Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa was originally formed as the South African Corrosion Council in 1960. It was subsequently constituted as an Institute in 1974.

The Institute serves those responsible for combating corrosion: scientists, engineers, anti-corrosion contractors and purveyors of corrosion resistant materials, as well as industrialists seeking to prolong life or preserve equipment.


  • Extend the recognition of corrosion as a problem, requiring specialised attention.
  • Promote standardisation in corrosion technology.
  • Promote study and scientific research into corrosion and materials protection technology.
  • Promote the reporting, discussion and publication of corrosion experience and knowledge.
  • Enlist diverse membership so as to achieve reciprocal benefits between: - industries, governmental groups, individuals, educational bodies and academics.
  • Facilitate adequate training facilities for the corrosion protection of materials.
  • Recognise merit and reward persons who make a contribution towards corrosion technology.


1975-1976 F P A Robinson 1976-1978 R Retief 1978-1980 M A Brett 1980-1982 B L Caxton 1982-1984 W G S Barnett 1984-1986 P Marples 1986-1987 B A Statham 1987-1989 J Da Kirkman 1989-1990 I Ogilvie 1990-1992 W G S Barnett 1992-1993 S J Lennon 1993-1995 C E Alvey 1995-1997 R Sandenbergh 1997-1999 R White 1999-2001 M Nixon 2001-2003 J McEwan 2003-2005 C Pistorius 2005-2007 N Webb 2007-2009 D Slabbert 2009-2011 L Pretorius 2011-2013 V Sealy-Fisher 2013-2015 B Trembling 2015-2017 E Livesey 2017-2019 D Slade 2019-2021 Greg Combrink
CorrISA Executive Board

The Corrosion Institute Council, alongside the Executive Director, oversees the affairs of the Institute and the regions.

President Graham Duk
Vice President 1 Dave Raath
Vice President Laetitia Ngalula
Honorary Treasurer Pieter van Riet
Honorary Secretary Mark Terblanche
Immediate Past President Greg Combrink
Hein Möller
Robin Clarke
Darelle Janse van Rensburg
Chris Ringas
Karyn Albrecht
Kevin Richardson



At CorrISA we like to believe we create opportunities for our members and outside organisations to participate in the fight against Corrosion in Southern Africa.

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