A “Professional Body for Corrosion” is being built for our sector, by our sector

A “Professional Body for Corrosion” is being built for our sector, by our sector. CORRISA wants you to become involved in this noble cause

By Edward Livesey,
President of CORRISA

If you are a Professional Practitioner in Corrosion, then now is the time to rise. To claim your rightful place amongst Professional Engineers, Contractors, Quality Assurance Consultants. Now is the time to own the space which is Corrosion! If you own, run or work for a Company which is a Supplier, a Manufacturer, a Contracting Company or a Retailer in the Sector of Corrosion, then now is the time to stand up and tell the world that Corrosion exists. It matters. It is distinct and independent, and that we have the capacity as a Sector to manage our own activities properly, consistently and accountably.

CORRISA has proudly launched a programme intended to create a Confederation of activities around self-governance. As a Professional Body we intend to recognise everyone who works in the Corrosion Sector, at all levels and across all Industries, for their highest level of Professional Competence and Accountability. Through the South African Qualifications Council for Corrosion (the SAQCC), a proud and well established arm of CORRISA, The title conferred on our professionals, whether as a “Professional Technician”, “Professional Operator” or as a fully designated “Professional Practitioner” in this, the sector of Corrosion, will indicate professional competency, exceptional ethics and general excellence!

As a Trade Association, CORRISA intends to Grade our Corporate Members and account in that way not only for their commitment and compliance to BBBEE and Transformation, but as importantly to recognise excellence where it can be identified in companies committed to the training, skilling and lifelong development of their employees.

It is important that CORRISA members and prospective future members understand that with Professional Recognition comes responsibilities. We will hold those who receive our Professional Designations accountable, not only for their commitment to lifelong learning and personal development, but equally for their professional and ethical behaviour at all times.

NOW IS THE TIME! The time for individuals working in the sector and companies operating across our economy as Corrosion-specific subject matter experts to raise your hands and become involved with CORRISA in this quest. As we establish the Framework for Professional Recognition, and the processes applicable in applying for Designation as an individual or for Grading as a company, now is the time to work with CORRISA in owning this Framework. We do not want it to become a system built by the few for the many. We do not want it to be seen as something developed in one Province for the country as a whole. We want to promote the values of inclusivity, where what we establish has been created by the broadest of consultation and engagement, by the sector and for the sector.

CORRISA is asking individuals who work in Corrosion, and companies which operate in this sector to go to and if you have not already done so, to volunteer a very limited amount of your time to serve in one of our various working groups so that we can ensure that everyone is consulted and engaged with, and that the final result reflects a wide spectrum of interests, concerns and priorities.

CORRISA wants recipients to proudly wear the label “Professional Practitioner” and companies to loudly celebrate their Grading and recognition as “Excellent”, in the marketplace.