TRANSVAAL GALVANISERS – From 2016 Jan to June 30th 2022

Director : Francesco Indiveri
Admin Contact : Abi Read
Tel Contact : 27118141113
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Transvaal Galvanisers was founded in 1984 by the directors of Imab engineering with the vision of revolutionizing the Galvanising industry.

In the decades that followed, the company has enjoyed sustainable growth, continually ensuring that it is at the forefront of galvansing innovation. As such, it has become a driving force within the greater galvanising industry and is a name synonymous with quality.

Over the years, what started out as a relatively small operation has expanded and evolved into a highly skilled and knowledgeable staff complement, led by a dynamic and forward-thinking management team, running the largest galvanising plant in the southern hemisphere. Our commitment to the company’s vision of providing the best hot dip galvanising service, while causing no harm, and using the business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis through leadership and direction, allows Transvaal Galvanisers to provide exceptional service and the highest quality outputs at unparalleled turnaround times.

Being part of a large group of companies mostly within the metal sector, has given us the ability to expand into large construction and renewable energy projects where we provide full turnkey solutions. Having successfully completed and supplied several intricate renewable energy and construction projects we can confidently state that we are your one stop shop when it comes to renewable energy and construction projects.