TMS Group Industrial Services (Pty) Ltd From 1st Feb 2021 to 31st Jan 2022

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TMS Industrial Services is an experienced industrial services and heavy-duty cleaning and facility maintenance organisation.

TMS Group Industrial Services is an experienced industrial services company established in 1998. We are a mainstay provider of Industrial Cleaning, Access Scaffolding, Insulation, Coatings, Catalyst Handling and other industrial services to many critical and core industries, especially in the energy, petrochemical and mining sectors of South Africa. At TMS we pride ourselves in our safe, client-centred service solutions as we strive for incident free, 10/10 service delivery, all the time. We value the environment and respect lives. Our ISO accreditation for an Integrated Management Systems (IMS) is proof of our commitment to quality, the environmental and safety. We have expertise in understanding the work and identifying what is needed – and get on with the job. Our people are trained and passionate, and we are proud to be one of the founding companies of the Sekta Group. For our people, for our nation, for our African continent.

At TMS Safety is a priority

We are compliant with the regulations of the department of labour and have the necessary certification to prove our Good Standing. Before any work commences, an inspection of the job is carried out by our internal safety department. After a thorough assessment, procedures are put in place to ensure that the job is carried out safely, taking the necessary precautions against any potential hazards that could cause injury.

All personnel are trained and have the necessary certifications such as SHEQ or certification that apply to working at heights and in confined spaces, blasting or painting.