POFU Supply on Demand From 2015 to 30th June 2022

Director : Angie Mabena
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Admin Contact : Izel Jeyaprasad
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POFU was formed in 2009 with the idea of entering the corrosion industry, several years in the foundation were invested in the training, coaching and mentoring by industry players inclusive of the Eskom ERID Divisions Keith Northcott being the initial mentor. Entry into the industry resumed in applicator training in partnership with Carl Havemann through Corrosion Education for a few years, eventually venturing into applications in 2015. POFU is 100% black disabled woman owned & managed company seeking to penetrate the market in a fully compliant and service focused manner, respecting the trade and clients.

POFU SD is an infrastructure maintenance company that specializes in the supply and application of specialized products in the protection and rehabilitation of compromised structures ranging from concrete to steel. The company provides these services using technologically superior processes and application methods providing greater value and long-term satisfaction for our clients.


1. Corrosion Protection and Maintenance
 Protective Coatings
 Roofing / Tanks / Silo
 Conveyer Support Structure
 Base Plates / Gussets / Plints
 Surface and Underground Pipeline protection systems
 Rubber Lining

2. Construction Chemicals and Application

 Concrete Repair Systems
o Grout / Crack Injection / Sealants/ Silicone / Adhesives

 Waterproofing Systems
o Liquid Membrane / Torch-on

 Specialized Floors
o Epoxy / Polyurethane

Our goals and objectives are as follows:
• To always provide our clients with a quality and professional service.
• To provide and deliver services as per agreement and to clients’ satisfaction.
• To constantly improve our services and skills to always obtain high quality results.