Oil & Colour Chemists Association From December 2020 to 30th November 2021

Director : Gary Marrison
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Admin Contact : Dr Jenny Jay
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OCCA SA – Surface Coatings Association of South Africa is a non-profit organization that promotes education in the use of new technologies for surface coatings. We provide a platform for networking and technology transfer between our local and international members.

The Oil & Colour Chemists’ Association (OCCA) is recognised worldwide as a leading professional body and authority on all matters relating to the colour and coatings industries, including paints, inks and related coatings. OCCA draws its members from individuals employed in the colour and coatings industries.

We are a leader in every sense: for the strength of our collective knowledge and expertise, for our commitment to encouraging best practice and, of course, for the way in which we support our members and promote the industry in general. Here at OCCA we know that information and knowledge are vital to success. Accordingly we draw together a wealth of industry experience and talent to deliver tangible benefits to our individual members in the workplace.