Kare Industrial Suppliers (Pty) Ltd – From 2004 to 30th June 2022

Director : Reitze Hylkema
Director Contact : 27825532849
Tel Contact : 2711334092
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Areas of specialisation:
Kare Industrial Suppliers offers a wide range of roofing fasteners with various corrosion resistant coatings suitable for use in all climatic environments.
Kare Industrial Suppliers offers a comprehensive range of fasteners for the fixing, assembly, internal and external cladding of light steel frame buildings.
Kare Industrial Suppliers is the official distributor of Dektite pipe flashings. These EPDM and silicone flashings are used for waterproofing solar panel cables; solar geyser water pipes; chimneys; sky lights; ducting as well as hips and valleys.

Kare Industrial Suppliers is actively involved in the technical committees of SAMCRA (South African metal cladding and roofing association) SASFA (South African Light Steel Frame Association) and is a participating member of the SANS1273 and SANS10237 technical committees dealing with roofing fasteners and metal roofing and cladding