Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa – From 2011 to 30th June 2022

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To promote excellence in the engineering profession for the benefit of municipalities and their communities.

The Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa (IMESA) promotes the interests of municipal engineers and their profession, and creates a platform for the exchange of ideas and viewpoints on all aspects of municipal engineering with the aim of expanding the knowledge and best practices in all Local Government municipalities.

From humble beginnings in 1961, IMESA has grown to represent over a thousand individual members and a plethora of companies involved in the field of municipal engineering and the built environment, as well as representing several Southern African countries.

Support for Municipalities
Since 1961 IMESA has played a significant role in municipal engineering, sharing knowledge and acting as a catalyst in developing new initiatives. Municipalities are key role-players in identifying needs, prioritising funding and implementing integrated development planning for community-based programmes. The Institute also advises Councils on municipal engineering matters and serves the broader community through representation on a number of National bodies, where it provides input from the municipal engineer’s perspective.

National and International Affiliates
In its constant drive to access and disseminate information, IMESA liaises with other professional bodies within South Africa and assimilates relevant knowledge across the whole spectrum of engineering. IMESA is also a member of the International Federation of Municipal Engineers (IFME). A crucial function of the Institute is to attend international events such as conferences, workshops and IFME board meetings in order to keep track of global developments in the industry.

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