IBAS (Pty) Ltd – From November 2021 to 31 October 2022

Director : Wouter Booysen
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Innovation, Research, Coherence, New Materials And Flexible Affordable Solutions. These Have Been The Key Concepts Of IBAS Business Philosophy Since It Was Established In 1996.

Our goal is to facilitate the creation of Specialized Scaffolding and Tailor-Made Access Solutions that facilitate bundled multi-disciplinary industrial services for companies with high demands in terms of single point of contact and highest standards of safety performance in industrial environments. Customers involved in capital and maintenance expenditures find in us a partner that gives equally high priority to both individual creativity and technical perfection.

The company’s mission is to create and operate pioneering technology in the Scaffolding Industry. The structure of IBAS has allowed us to test multiple ideas at once and turn the best of them into a flexible, safe and efficient working alternative to other access forms thereby saving our clients time and money!

In addition to Alternative Specialized Scaffolding and Tailor-Made Access IBAS provides a range of multi-disciplinary industrial services to the downstream energy infrastructure.

IBAS access creation activities are located in Western Cape, Vaal Triangle and Mpumalanga. Our facility is designed to foster and support an open collaborative process of communication and information sharing among employees of IBAS and our operating divisions.

In 2010 approximately 90% of our revenue was generated from capital and maintenance expenditure by customers in the oil, gas and power generation sectors. The Group’s customers consist of a large and diverse set including:

- International and National Energy companies such as SASOL South Africa group of operations, Natref and Chevron

- Engineering & Construction (E&C) contractors including, Linde, LTA, Group 5, OTB construction, Foster Wheeler, Worley Parsons and Steinmüller Africa (Pty) Ltd.

- Mining and Resources companies such as Sasol Mining.

- MegChem Engineering and Drafting Services (Pty) Ltd,

- Fluor – Global Engineering Construction Company

- Eskom

- GUTCO Manufacturing

If you want to be successful in the market today, you need collaborative partnerships. We believe in Teamwork: everybody doing what they do best. Our role here is to develop and produce services and products that relieve you of as much responsibility and administration as possible. We know you require access. You deserve economic efficiency and practical operation. It is not only the individual product or the high technical performance, but the Complete Problem Solution and skillful application to individual requirements that make our work so invaluable for customers all over the world.

What sets IBAS apart from the rest? The IBAS Group was brought into existence because a need was identified for companies that are able to offer specialist products and services which continually innovate, offer versatile solutions to problems other companies could not, and deliver a complete turnkey service. Our team consists of market leaders with the capability to manage any potential financial, commercial, production and legal risks that may arise throughout any contract or project.

In our multi-disciplinary stable we have product leaders which support our company vision and mission. Even after years of cooperation the value and lead these products allow us is evident.