2019 – Silver Medal Award

Winner : Geoff Harris

Year : 2019

Award Type : Silver Medal Award

Achievement :

This gentleman has been involved with specialist Corrosion Protection activities for probably more than 30 years. He pioneered and developed the application of post cured fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) to valves and fittings for the water industry. This application is extremely challenging due to the large variation in substrate thickness which affects the heat capacity required for cure of the FBE.

Valves and fittings coated by Fusion Bonded Applicators are renowned in the industry for the quality of workmanship and their long service life. He constantly strived for excellence in application to ensure that the components would have the best possible life expectancy. There have been few who could match his workmanship and the longevity of his product. In his business, he encouraged knowledge sharing and involved his key personnel in business sharing long before it was fashionable to do so.

He was a founder member of the Pipeline Interest Group of the Corrosion Institute in the nineteen nineties and served on the committee of this group until its demise in the early 2000's due to the collapse of the pipeline industry in South Africa.

He was intimately involved in the preparations for the 1999 World Corrosion Conference in Cape Town and has actively supported other Institute functions over the years. Not least has been his direct participation in standards development and quality systems at the SABS related to water and sewage treatment.

He is now retired but maintains a keen interest in corrosion protection related matters.

The Institute is pleased to award Geoff Harris the Corrosion Institute Silver Medal in recognition for more than 30 years of selfless and quiet contribution and commitment to corrosion protection and small business development within the corrosion sector in South Africa.