2012 – Silver Medal Award

Winner : Volkmar Wilhelm Kohlmeyer (Wally) Kohlmeyer

Year : 2012

Award Type : Silver Medal Award

Achievement :

Volkmar Wilhelm Kohlmeyer (known to friends and colleagues as Wally) graduated from Natal University with an BSc Mechanical Engineering in the early 1970’s. He joined Department of Water Affairs and was assigned to the Vaal Dam Operations Department where he gained significant experience in all facets of pipeline operation.

In the early years, his experience included the Goldfields Water Board pipelines which were bitumen lined and bitumen coated with no cathodic protection and had suffered corrosion due to contamination from mine spillage.

Promotion to the Directorate of Operations at DWA Head Office, brought Wally into contact with the Corrosion Institute and he has remained a supporter of the Corrosion institute for over 25 years. in his capacity as Chief Engineer, Operations, he is effectively the technical head of DWA. He has exhibited leadership among water authorities and water service providers at national, provincial and local town council level. Wally has always been prepared to share his knowledge and experience with younger people. He is held in high regard by many senior role players in various government departments as well as private industry. Wally is outspoken and frank which has gained him many friends. He has never been afraid of standing up and being counted and he makes tough decisions, when necessary, without fear of criticism. His dry sense of humour has broken the tension in many a high level meeting, and his ability to see through the clutter and detail and quickly grasp the main points of a technical discussion are legendary. This acuity requires copious volumes of Five Roses tea, properly brewed.

Wally has recently been elected to chair the Water Industry Forum, This Forum sets minimum standards for corrosion protection systems implementing uniformity across a wide spectrum of asset owners.

The Institute is pleased to award Volkmar Wilhelm Kohlmeyer Kohlmeyer the Corrosion Institute Silver Medal in recognition of over 40 years of dedication to keeping the arteries of the nation flowing.