2011 – Gold Medal Award

Winner : Neil Webb

Year : 2011

Award Type : Gold Medal Award

Achievement :

Neil Webb has worked in the corrosion control technology field in Southern Africa and overseas for more than thirty years. He was intimately involved on numerous high-profile prestigious corrosion protection projects including the LPG Bullet project for Engen, the Nelson Mandela Bridge project, the Vaal Barrage project for Rand Water, and Corrosion Education Productions. All four of these projects received CorrISA Industrial awards for exceptional technical service, expertise and innovation.

In addition to his many industrial achievements, Neil has been a tireless and willing worker for the Corrosion Institute for more than twenty five years. He joined the South African Corrosion Institute (later to become CorrISA) as an Associate in May 1978. He was elected as a Member in 1984 and a Fellow in 1990. There are less than a dozen Fellows of the Institute. He has been an active member of the Institute, except for a short period whilst he worked in the U.K. He served on Council from 1987 to 1991, and again from 1997 until the present. He is presently the longest serving member of Council. He was President from 2005 to 2007, and served on a number of committees and interest groups, including several Corrosion Schools, the Coatings Interest Group (CIG), SAQCC, Education and the Pipeline Interest Group (PIG), the latter two for which he served as Chairman. He has been a regular presenter and chairman on CorrISA Corrosion Conferences, Workshops and Corrosion Schools over the last twenty five years. In addition Neil has been extensively involved in technical education and
training for the Institute. He has been a presenter on most of the Institute’s corrosion courses over the last fifteen, including Corrosion Engineering, Understanding Corrosion, Refinery Corrosion and Marine Corrosion. He is also an accredited instructor for NACE International coating inspector and cathodic protection programmes and has instructed on about twenty NACE courses since CorrISA became a licensee for NACE courses in 2005.

Neil’s corrosion-related efforts have not been isolated to his company affiliations and for CorrISA. He has also been an active member of a number of other organisations. He has been Chairman of the Witwatersrand and Free State Regional Electrolytic Field Committee since 2000. He has also been an active member of SAQCC Corrosion Protection since 1994, serving on the Forum, and on the Panels of Examiners. He has also been member of the SANS working group responsible for the revision of the South African cathodic protection and pipeline coating standards since 2005. Neil has been an achiever of the highest standard and has always completed projects sometimes under extreme duress.