Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Membership, without payment of membership fees, is conferred by the Council on individuals for outstanding service or contribution to the field of corrosion control.

Honorary Life Membership has been conferred on the following individuals:

  • M Smith
  • Dr P Scheers
  • Dr C Alvey
  • R White
  • F P A Robinson
  • H W Waldy
  • M A A Brett
  • J E D Brunt
  • B L Claxton
  • J van Heerden
  • L Goldstone
  • T G Edwards
  • W G S Barnett
  • B G Callaghan
  • L Jackson
  • J M Muirhead
  • J F H van Eijnsbergen
  • B Dennis
  • R H C Andrew
  • E van Marcke
  • M Nixon
  • C Gross
  • N Webb (Fellow)
  • B Bosman
  • Stead, G R (Fellow)