STRUCTURAL APPLICATIONS – From 2008 to 2016 June 30th

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Structural Applications (Pty) Limited (SAL) was formed in 1979 by its present Managing Director Mr D M Howarth together with Mr J C Oosthuizen The company was originally formed specifically for the application of petroleum based tape systems working closely in conjunction with Winn & Coales (Denso) Limited in the establishment of this medium of protection to structures in Souhtern Africa. Despite the success of the tape systems, applications were limited and as a result the company was obliged to expand its anti-corrosion activities to embrace more commonly used protection methods. The application of paint coatings and linings, particularly in the recoating or maintenance field was a natural progression. The path taken by the company was almost entirely in the direction of maintenance and refurbishment of industrial plants and therefore the installation of roof sheeting and cladding was included in the scope of works undertaken to broaden the service offered.