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Carboline’s presence in southern Africa started in 1979, when globe Paints (Pty) Ltd joined forces with Chemrite (Pty) Ltd and concluded a licence agreement with Carboline International of St Louis, Missouri, USA, to manufacture and market heavy-duty corrosion resistant protective coatings and fireproofing products. In 1996, RPM Inc, the multinational holding company of Carboline International, acquired a majority shareholding in their South African affiliate, now renamed StonCor Africa. Carboline is the recognised world leader in the field of heavy-duty corrosion resistant protective coatings. It has the largest research and development department in the industry, devoted exclusively to corrosion resistant protective coatings and fire proofing products. Carboline has produced a number of significant firsts like Carbo Zinc 11, Carbomastic 15, Phenoline and more. StonCor has complete access to Carboline’s technology and manufacturers its products to stringent quality standards at its factory in Midrand. Carboline’s growth is due largely to the ability to approach corrosion problems on an individual problem-solving basis. Sales, research and development, manufacturing and technical departments work as a team to address customers’ individual requirements being met efficiently and cost effectively by technically qualified people and high performance quality products. This specialist approach has led to Carboline becoming the market leader in its field in southern Africa.