Corrosion Institute Training - NACE CIP Courses


“The NACE CIP Training Programme is the best and most comprehensive training in the industrial coatings business” - Dave Evans, Director of Sales, Carboline Company.

NACE CIP courses are held in thirty five countries, and the NACE CIP certification is recognised in one hundred and ten countries.  

For 25 years, the NACE Coating Inspector Programme has set the standard for inspections in the protective coatings industry and is the world’s most recognised coating inspector certification program. CIP is the first international certification programme designed to improve the overall quality of inspections performed, and it continues to provide the most complete training curriculum, producing top-notch inspectors for the industry.

CIP introduces inspectors, applicators, blasters, manufacturers, owner's representatives, specifiers, and technical salesmen to the basics of corrosion control, paint inspection, and project management in a way that has resulted in savings of billions of dollars in costly mistakes.

The CIP Programme consists of three levels of Certification from the basic to specialist.

NACE CIP Level 1

CIP 1 is an intensive presentation of the basic technology of coating application and inspection over six days (sixty hours) of instruction and practice. The course provides both the technical and practical fundamentals for coatings inspection work on structural steel projects. The course concludes with written and practical examinations. The pass mark for both examinations is 70%, and the succesful student will be awarded CIP 1 Certification. Although specifically designed for coatings inspection trainees, this course will benefit anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of coatings application and inspection including project engineers, quality assurance managers, contractors, painters, technical sales representatives, blasters, paint applicators and maintenance personnel. There are no specific requirements to attend CIP 1.

NACE CIP Level 2

CIP 2 is a six-day intensive certificated course that focuses on specialised methods of surface preparation and application, and coating types for both steel and non-steel substrates. The course also deals with advanced inspection techniques and shop coating processes. Students learn about destructive test instruments and more sophisticated non-destructive test methods. It will also cover inspection criteria, failure modes, laboratory testing and a comprehensive instrument review. The course concludes with theory and practical examinations. The pass mark for both examinations is 70%. Anyone who is interested in increasing his or her coatings inspection knowledge and expertise, or wants to become a certified NACE Coatings Inspector, should attend this course. The CIP 2 course may be taken by students who have completed CIP 1 training.

NACE CIP Peer Review

Successful completion of the CIP Peer Review is required to achieve recognition as a Certified NACE Coatings Inspector. This is a detailed oral examination in front of a three-member review board that lasts approximately two hours, and is graded on a pass/fail basis. The Peer Review includes a series of questions to test the candidate’s practical and theoretical knowledge of coatings and coatings inspection. Candidates are questioned from a random draw of topics ranging from standards, procedures, ethics, coatings use, inspection instruments, role-playing, and specific case studies. Anyone wanting to complete his or her CIP training to become a Certified NACE Coatings Inspector must successfully complete Peer Review. Students who have successfully completed CIP 2 or CIP 2 Maritime, and have two years of verifiable work experience may register for Peer Review.


Further details of the NACE CIP Programme, including course content, certification, recognition and preparation are available on the NACE website.