2012 – Corrosion Institute Annual Award

Winner : 2012 Nominees

Year : 2012

Award Type : Corrosion Institute Annual Award

Achievement :

Submission 1 :

Fuel Storage Capacity Upgrade Project at ORTAFS which included the Construction of Two 6 Million litre, Double Walled Aboveground Storage Tanks For the 2010 World Cup FIFA Spectacle , AST 12 & 13

Project Team:

ACSA, PPT, CATS, VGI, STONCOR, Rand Sand Blasting, M&S, Trotech, Cathtect

Submission 2 :

The Aluminium Metal Spraying undertaken during a shut down at the SAPREF refinery from June to August 2011.

Project Team:

Southey Contracting (Pty) Ltd; F.E. Powders; SAPREF Refinery

Submission 3 :

Corrosion Protection of the Tank Terminal (TM2) Transnet New Multi Product Pipeline (NMPP) Project at Heidelberg from June 2011 to July 2012.

Project Team:

Southey Contracting (Pty) Ltd; Murray & Roberts; CB&I; TRANSNET/NMPP Alliance

Submission 4 :

Corrosion Protection Sea Rogue Weapon System

Project Team:

Reutech Solutions; Total Contamination Control; Galvadip; Bulldog Projects

Submission 5 :

The New Multi Product Pipeline Project Field Joint Repairs:

Project Team:

Spiecapag / Group 5 JV; Transnet Pipelines; NMPP Alliance; PPT; ICP; Pipe Coatings cc; Denso