2011 – Silver Medal Award

Winner : Nic Trebicki (Rand Water)

Year : 2011

Award Type : Silver Medal Award

Achievement :

In 1975 Nic, as he is affectionately known, joined the (then) Rand Water Board as an engineering assistant. He obtained his Civil Engineering degree from University of Natal in 1976, a Masters Degree in engineering from University of the Witwatersrand in 1990, and is a registered professional engineer.

Nic has spent his entire career spanning 36 years to date at Rand Water – a feat in itself. During this period he has risen through the ranks of engineer, senior engineer, renovation engineer, design engineer and finally the key role of research and development.

As well as his responsibilities in the field of civil engineering covering the structural aspects of pipelines, pumpstations and reservoirs, Nic has maintained a keen interest in corrosion protection of new pipelines and the rehabilitation of aging infrastructure, much of which is related to corrosion protection.

It is a credit to the work done by Nic that the Rand Water specification for cement mortar lining has virtually become the de facto industry standard for this procedure in South Africa.

In recent years, Nic has turned his attention to the problems associated with coating and lining large diameter water pipelines. By tirelessly pushing the boundaries, keeping abreast with international developments and commissioning independent studies by local and international industry experts, Nic has pioneered the use of rigid polyurethanes as a pipe coating material in South Africa. This has not been without its difficulties, but Nic’s tenacity in getting to the root of the problem has won through.

Apart from his technical duties within Rand Water, Nic has been an active member of several SANS committees related to pipelines. SABS 0102, SABS 1200, SANS 1178 and SANS 1217 have all benefitted from his input. He has also shared his experience and expertise both locally and abroad in the form of short courses and technical papers, primarily related to cement mortar linings.

The Institute is therefore pleased to award NicTrebicki the Corrosion Institute Silver Medal for 36 years of service to the corrosion protection industry in South Africa.